anatomy app

I have been burning it a both ends. but here are some ashes. This is an app that I am making with Scott Eaton. I am very happy with the progress. After some sleep I think Ill write more! :)

CTN 2011

Ill be at CTN 2011, I hope to see you there!

sketch: Paris Girl 4

a quick sketch to keep limber

Paris Man Sketch 2

I did this on the train to Aneccy Film Festival.

paris Woman sketch 2

Its been a while so here's another sketch

Spectrum 18

I just found out I will have 2 pieces in the upcoming Spectrum 18 magazine. I have tried several times in the past but only made it in with a group piece. So I am very excited to get in. Ill keep you posted but in the mean time these are the pieces that got in.