Paris Show

the opening, with Greald.
I'm with Jean Jacques, one of the owners of the gallery.
method Films, making movies on the Seine.
cool sculpts

the best bread palce on Ile St Louis!
the best cheese!
cool fountain
population control

interesting buttress
some sketches

a cool car, I couldn't figure out what it was. Italian I think.

lunch at the dOrsay
me in 15 years
Richard Serra
the Gallery

The Gallery put up posters all over Ill St Louis
On the iPhone puting in very important information, "where is the best ice cream?"
Empty, but not for long!

2:30 AM coming home from a cool basment jazz club
Gerald, the man who made my show possible, he is the "French Connection" in the Paris Animation world.
Xilam, the studio where Gerald works. They do TV and Film work. This building is amazing. It was origionaly built for the same Paris Expo that the Eiffel tower was built for. It was dismanteled and moved to it's current location, near the Republic.

all the sculpts arrived in one piece except Vlad. But its an easy fix

view from my front window

view from my rear window

the court yard of a new friends place. It's so ugly here.

first night in Paris